Thursday, April 10, 2014

11 month tricks

I smashed a few iphone videos together of Will's latest tricks including waving, saying no and dada, transfering between pieces of furniture (he's SO CLOSE to walking), and some awesome games of hide and seek...or hide and peek...or something like that!?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Enough already, Mom!

Will was completely uninterested in this series of photos, but I just kept snapping. I have a feeling this is just the start of a compilation of pictures where it is totally obvious he would rather be doing something else. It's almost as if there is an audible "Ah, MOM!"

He had better get used to it. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

38-45 weeks!

have i neglected this blog recently or what!?...i haven't given this boy's weekly updates for a good 8 weeks! yeesh! you would think we were busy or something!

Will is almost 11 months. he is eating literally everything that we give him...but scrambled eggs and toast are worth smack his lips over! at school, his teachers say that broccoli with cheese and cheeseburgers are his favorites HA! he is crawling at lightning speeds and pulling up on everything. it shouldn't be long until he starts letting go (oh my word). he has two bottom teeth and just cut two top teeth this week. teeth cutting days are lousy days, but he is generally a really happy fella. we are teaching him all kinds of tricks.  however, boo is really irritated that he can do high-fives...she was under the impression that trick was squarely under the "dog" category. he learns new things every day. we are having so much fun with him.

getting these pictures is becoming increasingly difficult.  laying still for longer than 30 seconds is just not on this kid's daily itinerary (as evidenced by the wrinkly blanket and week 45), unless he's just had a bottle and has his blingy by his side.

as robin would say "sunday school hair"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

baby the mudroom

life seems to be getting away from us lately. we need some serious organization around this joint (and to throw crap away), but i just haven't had time to work on it.

this week, i am on spring break and have been a crazy lady around this place. my #1 goal for my break was to "finish" the mudroom.  i posted almost exactly a year ago about getting this room painted...transforming it from this (ew!)....


to this.....


functional was the name of the game for this room. a few months ago, my dad helped me hang 4x1s to put hooks on.  we thought this was necessary so that weighted down hooks wouldn't rip big holes in the plaster if they didn't hold.  come to find out, there is solid brick behind that plaster, so the wood was overkill...but it looks pretty.  this week, i got the boards painted and hooks hung.  i need two more hooks for the lower board (lowes was out), would love to switch out that light, and want something under the bench for gloves, hats, etc....baskets? galvanized bins? i haven't made up my mind yet. oh yeah, and something more attractive than a cardboard box for recycling.  but, finally...progress!

Monday, March 10, 2014


brian's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in february.  little did they know, the rest of the family was scheming behind their backs to plan a surprise party...three kids and their spouses and 7 grandkids...we were all in on it!  the scene of the crime was the church fellowship hall where they were married and had their reception 40 years ago! more than 80 people from throughout their lives came to celebrate...including the best man and maid of honor!

and surprisingly enough, we pulled it off.  brian was in charge of getting them there...he told them i wanted him to stop at the church to see if they had a bathtub we could borrow for Will while we were in town (his mom is the church secretary).  all of the grandkids were waiting when they got there to escort them into the party (which was surprise enough for nana).  they were totally shocked! it was an awesome evening of good food and fellowship.

the only thing we dropped the ball on was PICTURES! i took some before, but once the party started, we were all so busy visiting that we didn't get pictures of the lovebirds together (AH!) or a family picture (double AH!).  but this is what i did get...including a video of the big surprise (although it's pretty terrible....bad idea letting the crybaby of the bunch record the big surprise!).  we'll hire a photographer for the 50th anniversary party...or just plan a family trip to hawaii!!!

Happy Anniversary, Nana and Pawpaw!

hugging the maid of honor and best man!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

this sweater.

my aunt betsy got Will some of the cutest baby clothes i've ever seen...including this sweater. he looked so stinkin cute in it, i let him model for me. enough said....

Sunday, February 23, 2014

is february over yet?

we have had an interesting month. have you ever been sick for two days but felt like it took 2 weeks to fully recover?  that's been our month.

my parents came down to watch the superbowl and eat too much food with us.  i did laundry while "watching the game"....Will helped by pulling everything out of the basket.  he was trying to pull up but didn't quite understand that the basket wasn't the best thing to be practicing on.

two days after the superbowl, all of us except Will were down with the stomach bug. it was the first time i've canceled class since i started teaching.  brian and i came home from work before noon the same day.  we were laying in bed trying to figure out how we were going to take care of Will. we thought we would call my mom to come down, only to find out my parents were sick too. it was rough. but brian wasn't as bad off as me, so we managed.

brian has had 15 snow days this year, so Will has been home a lot.  his first couple days back to school pooped him out.

this boy is eating like a champ, but doesn't want to be fed anymore...unless there are some finger food options as well. the transition to regular food has been a hard one. i don't want to do too much at once, but daycare feeds the babies whatever the big kids are having for lunch.  Will had lasagna this past week. i just about had a heart attack when i heard that, but he loved it. i need to chill out a little bit. but if they give him something sugary, i'm going to go all psycho-mom on them.

i took some weird items from my grandma's house after she passed....all sentimental things.  she used tins full of buttons to prop her bedroom doors open.  i brought those tins to my house to prop our doors as well.  Will loves playing with them. Maggie would have loved that.

this was in the process of taking down the christmas decorations...on february 15.  for real.

i figured i should document a meltdown every once in a while...snot and all....

and now, Will is pulling up and scooting along behind his walker.  look out!